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I have another post planned for the unbelievable things I've gotten to do with fandom people, but it's going to take more energy than I have right now. :P So instead, my fic-related year in review...

The benefit of keeping lists of all the fic one reads is that it's insanely easy to find things again and share them with other people. The downfall of keeping lists of all the fic one reads is that one can see how deeply one has fallen into a variety of rabbit holes. On that note...

Words read:
Suits 105,910
Harry Potter: 1,355,590
Teen Wolf: 3,649,565 (since July O.O)
Merlin: 7,788,102 (this is actually all of the Merlin I've ever read since I only joined the fandom in January of 2012)
For a total of ... 12,899,167. Holy crap. That's over a million words a month, 248k per week, and 35k a day. That's a lot of words.

Words written (posted):
7,509 - this is hardly worth mentioning, but I'm going to use it as motivation to write more this year. It shouldn't be too hard a goal... O.o

Most important of all, I've gotten to meet an insane amount of fandom people this year: venisenvy, vampthenewblack, donnersun, arcadianmaggie, zigster, fandomhopper, ementior, tuesdaymidnight, and I feel like I'm missing someone but I promise it's not intentional! I also had the pleasure of getting to know bsmog, coolbreeeze, motimetostart, icmezzo and my dear love sessahhh so much better. I can't even begin to mention all of the people, especially on twitter, who I haven't yet had the chance to meet but have changed my life in the best of ways. But beware asyaana, bfigment, sweetandsaltyff, stmurr, fainthearted, magnolia822, mabdi, you're all on my to do list for 2013. :)

Fandom made 2012 utterly amazing - the people, places, connections, friends, all of it - and I am determined to meet more of you in 2013 and make this year even better.

::smooshes flist::

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