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BioSteel hockey camp happened this week and I don't care what your feelings are about hockey, there was some real goddamn pretty shit happening there. Like Tyler Seguin giggling in the rain with his teammate (whose nickname is "Daddy," no lie.)

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Then there was this mama whose kids refuse to let her get up.

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This insanely creative and beautifully done Harry Potter-themed tattoo.

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This butt.

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This video of a kitten grooming a mini pig. (I don't know how to embed video from Instagram so you're just going to have to take my word for it and click the link for the cutest of unlikely animal friends.

And finally, the reappearance of this photo of Jordie Benn, his beard, and his dog Juice.

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or better yet, let me show you them...

Instagram is kind of my new happy place. There's so few politics, so little drama, it's so easy to curate the accounts I follow, that it's just full of pretty people, pretty places, friends, and things I generally like. So here are a few of my favorite accounts...

foster_kittens -- this account is run by a woman in Seattle who fosters pregnant cats and their kittens until they're ready for adoption. Do you need neverending kitten videos on your feed? Fuck yeah, you do.
stella ra li -- the most adorable black lab puppy I have EVER SEEN. Her latest instagram story is her mom trying to train her to not be afraid of the vacuum cleaner and it is PRECIOUS.
harv and charlie -- adorable fluffballs and occasionally their dad Claude.
cooper and pippa -- precious french bulldogs and occasionally their dad Shane. Don't judge me.

Buzzfeed Tasty -- if you're a visual learner like me, this is a great way to digest recipes.
Subtle Dildo -- it's not as NSFW as you might think. It's like Where's Waldo but with sex toys.
Think Before You Ink -- despite what the name sounds like it's not actually a collection of terrible tattoos. These are some awesome tattoos which have led me to follow the artists. (Tbh about 40% of my Instagram feed is tattoos. It's great.)

Pretty People
Hot Dudes with Cats -- two things I love!
Men and coffee -- both delicious!
Lumbersexual -- do I really need to explain?

People whose love I love
Alexander Abramov -- he's a big burly bear who lives in the Hamptons with his boyfriend and they're hot and adorable together. 
Indar Smith -- he's a model in LA whose boyfriend is...
Rhys Kosakowski -- who is a ballet dancer in Texas. Honestly, these two probably deserve their own post because they are the two most precious humans who are so in love with each other it honestly gives me faith in love.

I'm gonna try to do a post like this, or just generally a fun, flail, fandom post for every "real" post to hopefully balance out my reading page AND my emotions! I am always looking for other happy/cute/pretty/fun things to follow on instagram, so hit me up if you have recs.
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Words read:
Avengers - 6,787,771
Teen Wolf - 4,611,125
Inception - 1,033,357
Mix - 540,890 (including Harry Potter, Merlin, Star Trek, Suits, various RPFs, etc.)
Total = 12,973,143 which is actually way lower than last year but almost equal to 2012. Clearly 2013 left me with a lot of time on my hands!

Words written:
16,462 according to AO3 (of course this includes the little notes and short blurbs in my podfic posts, but I'm too lazy to do an actual count).

Podfics recorded:
12 podfics for a total of 11.5 hours. I feel like I've really gotten into a grove with podficcing in the last few months so I'm hopeful next year this will go up significantly.

And just for funsies, here's a picture of Chris Evans' face.
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It's a few days later than I'd planned, but I just got back yesterday from an amazing week in London with amazing friends, seeing amazing things, and generally being overwhelmed by everything. I'm still exhausted from walking and feels and lack of sleep, but if I don't do my year in review post now, I'll never do it.

So... In terms of reading, last year I read an obscene 13 million words. I was honestly shocked when I tallied up everything from my various spreadsheets. I had no idea I read that much. Let's see what I did this year...
Teen Wolf: 7,716,138
Merlin: 3,118,264
Star Trek: 2,421,867
Inception: 1,854,744
Other: 1,081,387 (this includes Suits, Vikings, Supernatural, Avengers, and a few others)
Harry Potter: 521,974
For an insane total of 16,714,374, which blows last year's total well and truly out of the water. I don't even know what to say. That's about 45k a day, which is 10k more a day than last year. HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN? Actually. I know how it happened. I have [personal profile] asya_ana to blame for Inception, [personal profile] melooza to blame for Chris Pine and therefore Star Trek, and donnersun to blame for Supernatural. THANKS GUYS.

Thanks to participating in a couple of fests this year, I wrote almost 12k, which is 57% more than I wrote last year. It's still not much to write home about, but it's an improvement. More importantly, I discovered podficcing, which has been an incredible source of joy. I've had a great time podficcing and since I don't write much, it makes me feel like I'm still contributing to fandom in a meaningful way. (It's also gotten me closer to one of my favorite authors which gave me so much squeeeeee!) In 2013, I podficced 8 works for a total of almost 8 hours of audio.

Like last year, I got to meet some more incredible people. ComicCon and various fandom-related or fandom-adjacent trips brought me so many new friends. I can't even begin to list everyone, but I want to thank each and every one of you for being in my life and improving it with your mere existence. You are wonderful and I love you.

Now, on to 2014!
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I've been thinking about compiling top 10 lists for fics I've read this year, so when [personal profile] otta_ff tweeted last night that she was not-so-casually side-eyeing Jim and Bones, I figured this would be a good way to start. If you've been reading in this fandom for years, I apologize, because you probably won't find anything new on here. But if you're looking to test the waters like the lovely otta, hopefully you'll find something you can enjoy.

The List... )
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I have another post planned for the unbelievable things I've gotten to do with fandom people, but it's going to take more energy than I have right now. :P So instead, my fic-related year in review...

The benefit of keeping lists of all the fic one reads is that it's insanely easy to find things again and share them with other people. The downfall of keeping lists of all the fic one reads is that one can see how deeply one has fallen into a variety of rabbit holes. On that note...

Words read:
Suits 105,910
Harry Potter: 1,355,590
Teen Wolf: 3,649,565 (since July O.O)
Merlin: 7,788,102 (this is actually all of the Merlin I've ever read since I only joined the fandom in January of 2012)
For a total of ... 12,899,167. Holy crap. That's over a million words a month, 248k per week, and 35k a day. That's a lot of words.

Words written (posted):
7,509 - this is hardly worth mentioning, but I'm going to use it as motivation to write more this year. It shouldn't be too hard a goal... O.o

Most important of all, I've gotten to meet an insane amount of fandom people this year: venisenvy, vampthenewblack, donnersun, arcadianmaggie, zigster, fandomhopper, ementior, tuesdaymidnight, and I feel like I'm missing someone but I promise it's not intentional! I also had the pleasure of getting to know bsmog, coolbreeeze, motimetostart, icmezzo and my dear love sessahhh so much better. I can't even begin to mention all of the people, especially on twitter, who I haven't yet had the chance to meet but have changed my life in the best of ways. But beware asyaana, bfigment, sweetandsaltyff, stmurr, fainthearted, magnolia822, mabdi, you're all on my to do list for 2013. :)

Fandom made 2012 utterly amazing - the people, places, connections, friends, all of it - and I am determined to meet more of you in 2013 and make this year even better.

::smooshes flist::


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